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Silk : The biodegradable element

Silk has been used for centuries to create fine textiles not only due to its aesthetic quality and rarity. It is one of the protein material spun by a silk moth larvae to make its cocoon. Silkworms are still cultivated for silk production using culture methods that have changed little over several thousand years.


What is Biodegradable?

The term “Biodegradable” refers to the ability of materials to break down and return to nature. Protein-based materials have had a place in society for millennia. Silk, wool, and leather are particularly notable examples, obtained by the age-old practices of cultivating production. These materials are biocompatible and biodegradable, its qualities are highly attractive, also have exceptional physical properties, with the huge advantage that they are intrinsically biodegradable and are ultimately returned to the biomass of the earth.


Why Biodegradable?

Sustainability as an intergenerational pact. The ability of a fashion product to be broken down by microbes and other biological factors is what makes it biodegradable, which other factors in biodegradation included moisture and air. When a product considered as "biodegradable”, it must be able to break down and return to nature.


Care what you wear

Good design is all about using proper materials that fit for some purposes. What IM team is concerned about if our customers feel good in the item they picked; good about the way the products were designed, produced, and manufactured, good about the effects on our health, good about the way that makes you feel, as we hope you love the piece as much as we do. Not caring about fashion products are not the proper solution. The solution is to care what you wear, to care how its materials are processed and produced, to care how your clothes are made, to care what material is in the garments you wear which next to your skin, caring it almost like our second skin, and ultimately, to care how you feel wearing it.


Our Commitments

Limited Production System

We focus on maintaining luxury quality, operating in a limited production system to shows its exclusivity, as well as avoiding the problem of over-production. We commit to reduce the environmental impact from product development to marketing activities. We believe this is part of our social responsibility to involve in issues from materials choosing to the production processing.


Dyes, Prints and Treatments

Eco printing and Vegetable dying to minimize the harmful effects of chemical dyes on the environment. The brand will use various technologies to support the upcycling movement, such as patchworks, eco-printing and using the degradable materials. The printed scarves will be created by the eco-printing method.



Invisibilis Moveré relies on many artisans and designers, develops a strong relationship with the industry. The brand will comply with laws and regulations regarding the fundamental rights of people, develop constructive relations with the team, and prevent the overtime working culture. This demonstrates the core value of dignity, respect, fairness, and equality.



Invisibilis Moveré highly values the sustainability of products, as well as its emotional values and user experience. The brand will commit to reduce the environmental impact from design, product development to marketing activities. As it is part of our social responsibility to get involved in different social issues such as environmental protection, respecting people, communities, and preserve cultural heritage.


“Buy less, Choose well, Make it last”
                                                                           - Vivienne Westwood


Elle 08. 09. 2021


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